Cook And Learn Activity

Cook And Learn Activity

A Memorable Cooking Activity: Learning Etiquette and Table Manners

Woodlanders recently participated in the COOK AND LEARN Activity which not only enriched their culinary skills but also provided valuable lessons in eating etiquette and table manners.

Our young Woodlanders discovered the joys of cooking and had a fantastic time learning how to prepare delicious sandwiches which they shared with each other later. It is noteworthy that Woodlanders did the chopping and mixing all by themselves. They were introduced to various aspects of table manners, including setting the table, using cutlery correctly, and practising polite conversation during meals.

We believe that instilling good manners and dining etiquette in our students is a life skill that will serve them well in the future. It goes beyond merely knowing which fork to use; it’s about fostering an appreciation for shared meals and the social connections that come with them.

We are proud of our Junior Woodlanders and the enthusiasm they showed during this activity. We hope that the lessons they learned will stay with them and help them become not just skilled cooks but also considerate and respectful diners.

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