Examophobia- Ways To Deal

Examophobia- Ways To Deal

As the reverse countdown of examinations starts, the adrenaline levels are soaring high in both parents and students’ alike. BOARD EXAMS DO NOT AND CANNOT RULE YOUR LIFE. But the harsh fact cannot be denied that everyone is stressful to give the highest level of performance. Whether it is unrealistic syndrome or the typology of the question papers, we actually have to face it.

Here at Woodlands, best CBSE school of the region have chalked out some workable tips to improve the outcome of the examination.

  1. Track your interstices: Keep a track of your interstices ( the time in which we are not studying). Are we using that time to relax ourselves and again sit back with focused concentration? Is that time period more than what actually is desired?? Do give it a thought.
  2. Frame a timetable: Even if you have just two days in hand, framing a practical time table is definitely helpful.
  3. Say “NO”: Learn to say no to your time wasters. A snap chat streak can be viewed in your interstices. Keep all notifications off until your topic is over.
  4. Know your strengths : Prepare a list ( with different coloured markers) of the topics on the basis of our expertise . Plan your time table with a mix of difficult level and easy level so as to avoid depression and over confidence.
  5. Be in Touch: Obviously not with your distractive phone but with a teacher or a mentor talking to whom will help you to unwind the thoughts of our mind.


The list can go on and on with what to do and how to do but remember it has to start with YOU alone. BELIEVE, that you can do it. FOCUS on your efforts and WORK really hard. Each one of you is gem. You are millennial, where, in future you may not be asked how much did you score but you may be asked, “Do you know how to deal with stress at your workplace? Do you know how to work in a team?”

Just want to end up reminding the Instagram posts that Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and numerous others were dropouts. What they had was just the belief in themselves focus and determination. MARKS IN BOARD EXAMINATION DID NOT DEFINE THEIR FUTURE.


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