Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day

“A healthy mind starts with a healthy body”

To commemorate Global Handwashing Day celebrated worldwide on 15th October every year and in order to sensitize the students on the technique of proper handwashing, a workshop was conducted in the premises of Woodland Overseas School on Tuesday, 15th October 2019 for the classes K-II to G-5. Stepwise demonstration for handwashing with soap and usage of sanitizer was given to motivate and enlighten the Woodlanders about the importance of hygiene. To raise awareness, the key times for handwashing like before eating and cooking meals, after using washrooms, after coughing, sneezing etc. were elaborated well and the role of hygiene in disease prevention and in reduction of infections was explained too. Creativity reigned free as girls and boys explored how to properly use water and soap at critical times to prevent diseases and save lives.

Our insightful Principal Ms. Puja Dhiman in her presidential speech explained the importance of hygiene and urged them to reinforce this noble habit as “Handwashing is a Do – It – Yourself vaccine, an easy, affordable, inexpensive and effective way to prevent infections and transmission of pathogens and can be more effective than vaccine and medical interventions”. The Woodlanders whole heartedly tried to assimilate the information given and participated enthusiastically with passion and zeal in the activities while promising to take a step towards maintaining hygiene.

“Our Hands – Our Future”

Happy Handwashing Day”

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