Importance Of Developing Habit Of Reading

Importance Of Developing Habit Of Reading

There is nothing more integral to learning than acquiring the habit of reading. In an age where digital media is taking over, there has never been a more compelling time to instill reading habit in children growing up. The staff at Woodland Overseas School, top schools in Punjab, enlists the importance of developing the habit of reading regularly.

Reading Improves the Intellect

Reading about a variety of genres adds on to the knowledge of the child. Just encouraging children to read something from the newspaper, will go a long way in adding that little bit of knowledge every day.

It is the Best Way to Learn a Language

There is no better way to learn a language, especially if it isn’t your mother tongue. Not many households in India have English spoken on a day to day basis. Reading books, journals, newspapers, even comic books is a definitive and one of the best ways to learn English. Moreover, reading adds on to the vocabulary more than spoken English does. Additionally, you learn correct usage of English, even without being aware of the basics of English Grammar.

It Improves Imagination, Creativity

Reading books, especially books based on fiction, makes the readers to imagine the story in their minds. This improves the imagination of the child. This, in turn, enhances their creativity. A creative mind will ensure success in whatever the child chooses to do in life. Moreover, creativity enhances decision making capability of the child.

Books, Best Friends for Life!

Getting a liking to reading can be a great habit to develop for the child. Books can be best friends for life. Especially if a child doesn’t have siblings or friends to play with, he or she can find refuge in books. It will save the child from boredom and will prevent the child from slipping into bad habits.

Books, a Storehouse of Wisdom

Reading motivational books can build on the wisdom of the child. There is a lot to learn from books and they possess endless wisdom. Reading motivational stories or autobiographies of personalities who have had to rough it up in their childhood, teaches young minds lessons they imbibe for the rest of their lives.

There are endless benefits to be had by reading. Both the school and parents at home should encourage children to develop a habit of reading. For a start even if it means reading a few lines of a newspaper. But developing the habit reading is paramount.

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