Learning Is Fun

Learning Is Fun

Learning is acquiring knowledge or in other words adding on to your existing knowledge base. The mind works best when its uninhibited and stress free. Moreover there are multiple other benefits to be had when learning is fun based rather than a chore. At Woodland Overseas School, amongst the top schools in Punjab, learning while having fun is part of the school ethos.

Learning is acquired better than it is forced upon.

Children are very observant and they learn much faster and better than adults. They are actually better at extracting information rather than just listening to a lesson being taught. Even the Vedas, the ancient Indian storehouse of wisdom, points out that Listening is the most developed of all senses in a human being. It starts to develop the earliest in the womb of a mother. Hence learning that is acquired, is assimilated better by the children.


It helps the students to assimilate in to the a school better if they like what happens at school

For preschoolers and for children new to the school, it helps immensely if they like what happens at school. It helps them to like the school, thereby for them going to school is not a herculean task but its actually something they will look forward to


Lessons are retained best when they are learnt with a relaxed mind.

Stress and monotony only forces lethargy in children who are already bustling with curious energy. It inhibits learning and kills the curiosity of the student. The lesson may be mugged up and the class may get good scores but it fails to instill the learning as a lifelong experience, thereby isolating learning from acquiring knowledge, which ironically and essentially is the purpose behind children attending schools.


According to Judy Wills, a neuroscience expert “The truth is that when we scrub joy and comfort from the classroom, we distance our students from effective information processing and long-term memory storage. Instead of taking pleasure from learning, students become bored, anxious, and anything but engaged. They ultimately learn to feel bad about school and lose the joy they once felt.”


In fact if you analyze the student will learn a subject the best if he or she tends to like the teacher of that particular subject the most.


Apart from having fun activities that impart learning, even classroom teaching can be changed if the teachers mix the lecture with anything that helps the student relax a bit. Moreover, the teacher will end up rousing the students from their slumber and get their attention while at it. This is sort of akin to clicking “refresh” on your pc. Simply telling a simple joke once a while or attaching some humorous incident to the lesson being imparted goes a long way in effectively teaching a subject.

There are numerous benefits to be had if education is imparted in a relaxed environment.

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