Must-have Dining table Etiquettes for your child

Must-have Dining table Etiquettes for your child

It is never too early, nor too late to start instilling the value of proper table manners in a person. But it is better to inculcate dining etiquette when a child is young. It ensures their overall development and professional success. It is because table manners are considered the visible signals of a person’s manners. Teaching proper dining table etiquette to your child also makes the way to cherish mealtime together no matter whether you are dining at home or visiting somewhere. So, it is really important to teach your child to follow some dining etiquette as instructed by Woodland Overseas School, the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur.

Five Dining Table Etiquettes that Your Child Must Follow:

  • Teach Them to Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’: Help your child know the power of these two magical words. Teach your child to use these words especially when it comes to dining well. For instance, you can encourage your child to use the word ‘please’ when he/she is asking to be served. Similarly, you can teach your child to say ‘Thank You’ when someone offers them a dish. Make sure you help your child maintain this etiquette both at home and outside when dining.
  • Be Patient & Wait: It is important to teach your child to be patient and wait till everyone around them has been served. Though in most cases younger children fail to lose the sense of consideration especially when they are hungry, still you should prevent them from doing this by teaching your child that dining is a group activity and he/she must be aware of their dining companions.
  • Don’t Waste: Make sure you teach your child of being conscious of wastage especially when he/she is dining. It is considered an important dining etiquette as well as an important life lesson. But here parents can help children by serving them multiple times according to their needs, rather than serving them a large amount of food that they just cannot eat.
  • Chew & then Talk: Teach your child that it is unappealing to talk with a full mouth, instead it is better to chew the food properly and then talk. Help your child understand that this is a basic rule that he/she needs to follow when dining.
  • Pay Compliments: Teach your child to appreciate the food served as it reflects good manners. Tell your child that he/she should not criticize the food that is served.

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