Rukshat – Good Bye For G-12 Out Going Students

Rukshat – Good Bye For G-12 Out Going Students

“The days will come, the days will go, but the meaningful days will leave unforgettable memories in our minds.”

Same was the day of Saturday, 8th Feb, 2020 when an exultant occasion of a Get Together named RUKHSAT for Grade-12 was celebrated at WOODLAND OVERSEAS SCHOOL with great fervour. The jubilation began with the sacred chantings of ‘Japji Sahib and Anand Sahib Path’ to seek choicest blessings of SUPREME POWER for success in CBSE FINAL BOARD EXAMINATIONS. The event was made even livelier by capturing the moments to cherish forever by clicking photograph of our meritorious Grade-12 students with the teachers. The boys and girls dressed in beautiful formal attire congruous to situation looked resplendent. On this incredible day, outgoing woodlanders recounted their school experiences in emotional and nostalgic overtones which enthralled everyone. The day was fiesta devoted to the years spent together by Grade-12 Woodlanders with their friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments.

In her message, Principal Ms. Puja Dhiman emphasized to students that never let the fear of failure, ridicule and presence of deadline corrode self belief and dampen the spirits. Always keep your momentum high to combat adversities!!. Sagacious Dean Dr.  Simerjeet Kaur in her message expressed her desire to see all Woodlanders carve a niche for themselves, explore the limits of unlimited potential, beat all odds, never languish in mediocrity, become worldly wise, street smart and provoke the envy of many with achievements and success stories.

Students exchanged laughter and enjoyed ‘High Tea’ with teachers and fellow mates.

At the end of this grand celebration, Woodlanders expressed gratitude towards school for organizing such an extravagant and memorable get together and showering them with gifts!!.

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