Self Awareness Week

Self Awareness Week

Teenagers’ vulnerability has increased dramatically in recent years as a result of their age and triggering conditions. Creating awareness of any perceived or real danger/risk among children at an early age aids in correctly handling life events.

For the same reason, we must instil good Situational Awareness in our Woodlanders. To exonerate Woodlanders about our everyday situations and how to remain alert in those circumstances, “Self Awareness Week” was conducted for Woodlanders from Grade-6 to 10 from Thursday 03 February to Wednesday 09 February 2022.

Woodlanders learned about measures to follow when booking a cab and using a trial room through a combination of materials such as informative videos, PowerPoint presentations, and group discussions. Students were provided with information on cyber safety as well as safe and unsafe touch. Also, tips to improve mental immunity and prevent landfills by making compost were shared.

The interactive activity focused on being aware of our surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations that exist in most public areas.

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