Tips To Study Your Child’s Online Activity

Tips To Study Your Child’s Online Activity

These days, children are exposed to mobile phones, the internet and digital world quite early in their life. But the digital world comes with its own pros and cons and often leaves children vulnerable to cyber bullying, sexual behaviour and much more. In this trend of the digital age, it is essential that parents are aware of their child’s online activities.

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Get Familiar with the Apps

Before your child makes an account on any social media app, it is imperative that you are familiar with it. Make your own account on that app first, read the privacy policy and learn how to use it. In this way, you can know the content your child will be accessible to and will help you monitor their online activities.

Set Age Limit

As soon as your child is approaching pre-adolescence, it is time for the parents to have a conversation with them to ensure at what age the kids should be provided with smart devices and internet services. Decide when you want to expose them to social media apps.

Communicate with Children

Before you hand over a Smartphone phone, laptop or a PC to your child, have a word with them regarding cyber safety and teach them the correct way of using technology.

Lay Down Rules and Regulations

Lay down a set of rules and regulations regarding the usage of internet in the home. While laying the rules, make sure everyone in the home including you should follow the rules. Avoid providing your child with tablets or laptops, rather, opt for a PC and locate it in a central location of your home.

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