Walk Confidently Tomorrow

Walk Confidently Tomorrow

Global education is an active learning process which begins with raising awareness on global issues such as poverty, uneven distribution of resources, conflicts of human rights,etc. It is a learning process which based on values of equality, justice, cooperation, tolerance, and non-violence. The man aim of global education is to make the students reflect on their own roles in the world and to make them active and responsible citizens.

Woodland Overseas School being listed among the Top 10 schools in Punjab, firmly believes in educating students about global citizenship. We at our school opt for a methodological approach which is learner-centric, participatory and experience based.

Teachers at our school strive to prepare students so that they are competent enough to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to grow and succeed in diverse and evolving global citizens.

– We believe it is important to educate students. If we want to raise good global citizens it is important for us to educate our students about environmental issues that are harmful to our planet earth. We discuss topics like global warming, the importance of diversity and biodiversity, value all living creature and scarcity of resources.

– We teach them simple and effective ways like if they are walking on streets or along the beach and if they see any trash lying around they should clean it up as that trash can be harmful to birds, animal, and marine life.

– We make our students aware of harmful materials that can be a threat to our environment. We explain to them how plastic bags are not good for us and that they can contribute to environmental degradation.

– Making students realize the importance of recycling.

– Switch off lights and fans when not in use.

– We make sure that students at our school plant trees once in a month.

– Encouraging students to learn about different cultures of India.

Apart from excelling in studies, Woodland, being the Best Hoshiarpur school, strive to guide these brilliant students to become global citizens of our country. There is only one planet and we all are responsible for making it healthy and a peaceful place to live in.

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