Ways to get your child become more outspoken in class

Ways to get your child become more outspoken in class

Teaching your children to be more outspoken and assertive in class helps them stand for themselves, and have a positive talk with their classmates. Whether it is saying no to the things they don’t want or communicating anything important they have to share, their assertiveness will help them feel confident. 


Being outspoken or assertive is a skill that you should develop in your child to help them in every aspect of their life. Assertiveness can help children express themselves effectively while respecting the beliefs and rights of others. 


The faculty at Woodland Overseas School, Best CBSE School in Hoshiarpur offers an environment where children can be more outspoken in the class with teachers as well as their classmates. However, they also suggest parents help their children be more outspoken by utilizing various methods discussed below:


  • Change the Way of Practicing at Home

While doing homework, rather than just taking a look at the notebook, ask your child to read the answers loudly. This will help him improve and build answering skills. Most the children feel shy to answer their teachers in the class even if they know the answer very well. This kind of method of homework can help your child proactively participate in classroom conversations.


  • Let Them Answer Themselves

Encourage your child to answer himself instead of you answering for him when anyone asks him something. You can also let them interact on phone with relatives or family members as this will establish confidence in their communication.


  • Join After School Activities

Rather than keeping your kid inside your home and playing alone with toys, you must encourage them to play with kids of their age group. With the necessary supervision, such kind of fun can help them speak up with their friends about their likes and dislikes.


  • Don’t Stop Your Kid from Asking

Most children usually have an endless list of questions about anything they see. This is because of their curiosity to explore things. This curiosity is sometimes stopped by parents by scolding them when they repeatedly ask questions. Rather than stopping them, you should clear their queries by providing them with factual information. This will not only build their confidence in conversation but also build useful knowledge in them.



Some children are naturally extroverted which is good. Parents need to nurture the nature of their children positively. But if your child is an introvert, you must consider the above-discussed suggestions by Woodland Overseas the best International schools in Hoshiarpur to make your child more outspoken and assertive.

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