How to Monitor your Child’s performance in a better way?

How to Monitor your Child’s performance in a better way?

As a responsible parent, you must want to know how your child is doing in school. Yes, this is more effective than signing off a new report card each year. But, if you are busy with shuffle work, and activities, still monitoring your child’s education should be at the top of the priority. So, here are some effective tips to make your child’s education a top priority.

Woodland Overseas School, one of the top CBSE schools in Hoshiarpur always encourages parents to monitor their child’s educational progress by maintaining the following tips:

Tips to Monitor Your Child’s Education and Progress:
  • Visit School & Get to Know The Concerned Teachers: A lack of communication between teachers and parents is one of the biggest problems faced in terms of monitoring their child’s educational progress. As a parent, you need to communicate with the teachers through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or even email exchanges for asking if there is anything you need to know, how your child is doing in school, etc.
  • Express Your Interest at Home: When your child arrives at home, attend to them carefully and ask about the school day so that they can share their day with you. It is good to begin this routine from the kindergarten days of your child and thus it will soon become a habit. As your child matures, you can add a regular time each week to involve in the school conversation and set goals for the next week.
  • Inspect the Backpack: After returning from school, make sure you inspect your child’s backpack on regular basis ranging from notes from the teacher, homework copy, class work, and syllabus to calendar and help your child map out the week.
  • Plan a Homework Routine: Creating a regular study area and routine for your child is crucial. Make sure you emphasize the importance of school work, homework, reading time, and leisure time by establishing a fixed schedule and re-enforcing them.
  • Build a Strong Network with Other Parents: Networking with other parents will give you insight into several other issues that might be going on in the school. In addition, it is necessary to maintain contact with teachers, and other staff of the school.

There is no denying the fact that academic success can lead to greater opportunities in the life of your child. This is why; you should do everything that can help your child to make steadier progress in school by monitoring his/her performance.

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