Workshop on Body Intelligence cum Youth Wellbeing

Workshop on Body Intelligence cum Youth Wellbeing

Adolescence is the most crucial and sensitive transition period from childhood to adulthood, wherein we observe the hormonal, physical, behavioural and sexual changes in the human body.

It is of paramount importance to create awareness about adolescence, so that Woodlanders handle themselves maturely and take informed decisions. It helps them to navigate a relationship with themselves, and the community and manage their sexual health, think critically about the world, be a good ally to those who are marginalised and love themselves for who they are.

Keeping this in view, the school conducted a very high quality and illuminating Workshop on Wednesday, 14th and Thursday, 15th December 2022, for Grade VI to XII Woodlanders. The session was held separately for boys and girls.

The Guest speaker was Ms Phalguni Rajora, a Parenting Psychotherapist, and a member of the Counselor Council of India. She trains adolescents, young adults and educators intersectional feminists. She discussed widely bodily changes, hormonal changes, attraction to the opposite sex, and sexually transmitted diseases among other relevant issues.

As per feedback received from participants, they found the workshop very informative and beneficial and thanked the school for always being proactive and taking revolutionary steps to share relevant pieces of information, which is evident from the fact that the school has conducted such a rewarding and illuminating workshop.

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