Young Minds Engage G-20 Summit

Young Minds Engage G-20 Summit

In a vibrant and intellectually stimulating event, the senior Woodlanders of Grades XI and X showcased their budding diplomatic skills as they gathered to discuss the significance of the G-20 Summit and its potential benefits for India. This event not only encouraged critical thinking and global awareness but also fostered open dialogues among the young minds of the school.

The Woodlanders engaged in thorough research on the G-20 Summit, its history, objectives and key participating nations. Armed with this knowledge, the students eagerly participated in group discussions where they brainstormed ideas and shared their insights about the summit. The atmosphere was electric as the children highlighted various aspects, including economic cooperation, trade opportunities, global leadership and sustainable development, as well as how India could leverage its participation in the G-20 Summit to strengthen its international standing and promote economic growth.

It was inspiring to witness the children’s passion for global affairs and their ability to articulate their thoughts on complex international topics. The event concluded with a newfound sense of global citizenship, as the students were now ready to engage with international issues and make a positive impact on the world.

This event not only provided the children with valuable insights into international diplomacy but also demonstrated the school’s commitment to nurturing informed, responsible, and globally aware citizens. It served as a reminder that young minds, when given the opportunity and guidance, can actively contribute to discussions on critical global matters.

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