4 Books Every High School Student Must Read

4 Books Every High School Student Must Read

In the words of George R.R Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; the man who never reads lives only one.” Woodland Overseas School, top Hoshiarpur School, brings you a list of books that every high school student must-read.


To Kill a Mockingbird

 Author: Harper Lee

Quote: “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

The book is considered a masterpiece of American Literature that follows the story of childhood in the sleepy southern and the crisis of conscience. It is a deeply moving and compassionate story that would leave you wondering.


Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Quote: “Angry people are not always wise.”

Set in the 19th century, Jane Austen is a feminist writer well-known for her futuristic writing. This novel is not quite far from it either. The plot and characters are engaging for teens, and the book is worth revisiting at any age.


A Brief History of Time

Author: Stephen Hawking

Quote: “The universe doesn’t allow perfection.”

The book is an excellent work of Stephen Hawking explaining numerous theories of wormholes and black holes. The book has inspired entire generations of readers to keep learning, keep exploring, and keeps asking questions about the universe and continues to do so.


The Kite Runner

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Quote: “There is a way to be good again.”

It is a story about the bond of friendship, loyalty, and betrayal. This book embarks the journey of Hassan and Amir in the final days of the monarchy. The unforgettable, heartbreaking story of the unlikely friendship between a wealthy boy and the son of his father’s servant.


Woodland Overseas School, the Best School in Hoshiarpur, suggests the students go through these must-read books for an enriching experience.

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