5 Ways To Help Your Kids Make Friends

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Make Friends

Is your child not a social butterfly? Does your kid feel awkward or have difficulty in making new friends? While it may seem easy for you to make friends in any situation, your kid might not be the same. It is important for your child to have the confidence to make new friends. Apart from that, it also helps in the development of other social skills such as communication, creativity, sharing, etc. You can now help your kids make new friends with ease.


Tips to help your kids make friends:

There are numerous tips that you can teach your kids in order to make friends. Woodland Overseas School, one of the top 5 Schools in Hoshiarpur believes that it is important that you make sure that your child knows the importance of having buddies in life.

Take a look at the tips –

  • Take Baby Steps

If your child is socially awkward, little steps are important. You cannot expect them to be brave and spontaneous all the time. For this, expose them to social situations bit by bit. For instance, if your kids love to play basketball but feel shy, go with them. You can accompany your child to the field and play with them to boost their confidence. 

  • Host a Playdate at Home

Do you have a shy kid? In that case, you need to organize a playdate at home first. This will let them feel the security of a known environment. That way, your child can interact with others while working on overcoming the shy nature. 

  • Exhibit Respect and Warmth

The way you treat your kids has an emotional impact on your kids. If you shower warmth and respect, they will develop positive behavior. 

  • Acknowledge Each Effort 

It is imperative to understand that even a small effort made by your kid can be a lot for them. That is why it is important that you praise their efforts and reward them. The reward doesn’t have to be something grand. It can be an extra cake piece or a few minutes of extra screen time. 

  • Practice Introductions

Sometimes, kids falter right at the start. Making friends starts with introductions. You need to say your name and then continue the conversation. Practice introductions with your kids so that they don’t feel awkward. Then, you can help them ask questions in order to keep the conversation flowing steadily. 


These are the tips that you can follow to help your child make new friends. Ultimately, you will be helping them develop some crucial social skills. We, the best Hoshiarpur school always create a positive environment that helps our students to make new friends.

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