Labour Day Celebration

Labour Day Celebration

“Labour is the ladder through which human dignity and creative excellence are expressed”

To commemorate the labour day and to appreciate and thank the selfless service of the support staff who work with utmost dedication to ensure hygiene and security, Woodlanders from grade – 2 to grade – 5 celebrated labour day with full zeal and aplomb on Thursday, 28 April ’22.

The main objective of the celebration was to teach students the value of labour dignity and the significance of respecting everyone for their contributions to the progress of the country.

To make the day special and as a mark of respect, the Woodlanders presented a token of love through the plethora of activities and melodious songs and honoured their contribution towards the betterment of the school and society in general.

Woodlanders from grade – 2 to grade – 5 magnificently showcased their dancing skills and rejuvenated the gathering.
The grade – 4 and grade – 5 Woodlanders performed Nukkad Natak, which conveyed a special message to work hard without thinking about the result or benefit.

The workers were overwhelmed watching the show and were shimmering in Pride.

Our reverend Principal, Ms. Puja Dhiman, congratulated the auxiliary staff for their selfless services.

Our insightful Dean, Dr Simerjeet Kaur, felicitated the housekeeping department of the school for the hard toil put in by them throughout the year. She also focused on the priceless contribution of the auxiliary staff to the smooth functioning of the institution.

The victory of this day can be well summarised with the wonderful thought by Andre Gide.

” No human Masterpiece has been created without great labour”

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