Looking Beyond Academic Grades

Looking Beyond Academic Grades

If we look at the dictionary meaning of a grade, you will find that if something is graded, its quality is judged, and it is often given a number or a name that indicates how good or bad it is.

It is not a very healthy practice to judge a child or a student solely by grading them on their academic performance. Yes, a sound understanding of academic concepts and knowledge about basic educational stuff is important, but one has to think beyond it as well. At Woodland Overseas School, the best school in Hoshiarpur, we understand that good education encompasses not just academic excellence, but it focuses on nurturing children’s innate creativity, abilities, and thirst for knowledge in an open and free environment.

Teachers and parents should take care that the environment in which the child is learning nurtures their interests, talents, and abilities so that they shine bright and helps them mature into confident individuals. Also, this is the age in which the child starts exploring new things and does things in a completely new way. Limiting one’s life to the scores or grades is similar to living inside the bubble which becomes larger and larger as the child grows.

Let the child understand that though their grades matter to some extent, they don’t define their future. What matters the most is their ability to try new things, explore different areas, their behavior towards people, moral values, etiquette, courage, loyalty, wisdom, and confidence.

According to the Incremental Theory of Intelligence, engaging the child in exercises to train their mind over time is more likely to help them embrace challenges, be persistent, and learn from past mistakes which in turn will boost their intelligence and help them shape their reality.

Our students have to become our collaborators in the education system not just mere beneficiaries. They can no longer be considered empty vessels to be filled with information but colors that curate the meaning of the canvases. We should teach children based on their emotional age rather than their physical age. This helps eliminate generalization and assumption of knowledge. Assisting kids in navigating through differences rather than avoiding them, and to encourage them to live a life beyond imagination is the factor that helps the child to reach their fullest potential.

Woodland Overseas School is one of the best international schools in Hoshiarpur, which strives to enhance the uniqueness of each child and inculcates an all-round development.

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