Pool Day and Pot Luck Day 2023

Pool Day and Pot Luck Day 2023

From the 22nd to the 26th of May 2023, our beloved kindergarten Woodlanders embarked on a delightful and invigorating adventure as they joyfully celebrated Pool Day and Pot Luck Day.

There is nothing more revitalising than engaging in playful water splashes alongside friends amidst the scorching heat. The school took the initiative to organize a captivating “Splash Pool Activity” exclusively for kindergarten students. Eager and exuberant, the children adorned themselves in vibrant swimsuits, revelling in the sheer excitement of splashing water at one another and frolicking with delightful floating toys. The poolside was transformed into a magical space as the little angels filled the air with their infectious giggles and laughter.

The primary objective behind organizing this splendid party was to foster the development of essential skills in the children. By engaging in activities such as running, dodging, hopping, and sprinkling, the students were able to refine their motor skills, improve their eye-hand coordination, and nurture their overall gross motor abilities. This immersive and interactive experience provided them with an opportunity to grow and thrive while having an absolute blast.

In addition to the exhilarating Pool Day, the Woodlanders also participated in a delectable culinary exchange during Pot Luck Day. The children excitedly shared their homemade culinary creations, resulting in a vibrant assortment of dishes from diverse cultures. This culinary exploration not only introduced the young ones to new and exciting flavours but also fostered a warm and inclusive environment, promoting unity and camaraderie among the students. It was truly a heartwarming experience as the children discovered the richness of different food traditions while coming together in a spirit of togetherness.

Overall, these captivating activities provided the Woodlanders with a perfect blend of enjoyment and educational growth, nurturing their physical and social development in a stimulating and inclusive environment.

Joyful Learning !!!!

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