Why Should Parents Take the Lead in Teaching Empathy

Why Should Parents Take the Lead in Teaching Empathy

The term “empathy” refers to the ability that enables an individual to be aware of the feelings and emotions of others. Empathy motivates people to be kind to others. The importance of being a kind and empathetic person is not restricted to just being a ‘nice person’. Instead, it is a vital life skill that you should teach your children to help them make good friends as well as build strong relationships in the future resulting in promoting good mental health in your children.

Here are some tips for parents recommended by Woodland Overseas School, the best CBSE school in Hoshiarpur so that they can help their children teach empathy:

  • Describe & Label Emotion: It is important to help your child recognize their emotions from a very young age. For instance, when you see your child stomping their feet, make sure you help your child understand his/her emotion by saying “I think you are angry”. Reading stories with your child is an effective way to help them understand different emotions. Parents need to accept all the emotions of their children. As a parent, your role is to teach your child how to manage emotions healthily.
  • Praise Empathetic Behavior: When you see your child showing empathy and kindness to others, make sure you praise the behaviour of your child. It will encourage your child to repeat the behaviour in the future.
  • Be a Role Model: Children generally imitate the behaviour of their parents. So, make sure you also practise behaving in the same way with your child and others around you as accepted by your child. First, you need to be empathetic with your child by being present to him/her, listening carefully to your child when they have a problem, and letting your child understand what you will do if you face a similar situation.

It is no doubt tricky to help your child master empathy. But you can raise an empathetic child simply by practising these strategies with your child as suggested by Woodland Overseas School, the Best International Schools in Hoshiarpur.

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